B.A. Total Care - Handpiece Rental Solutions

B.A. Total Care subscription packages are a simple and cost-effective way of ensuring that all of your handpiece requirements are covered through one fixed monthly fee.

It is easy to get started: simply order one 'maintenance pack' at £10.13* a month and then add the amount of handpieces you require at the prices listed below. Minimum monthly spend is £40+VAT.

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Maintenance Pack:

The B.A. Total Care maintenance pack, which builds the foundation of your Total Care package, consists of:

36 cans of BA Oil (one can per month, delivered automatically to your practice)

Servicing of your handpieces for the 3-year period*

2 oil nozzles

1 set of o-rings per year (3 in total)

1 LED bulb

Laser marking - you may opt to have your handpieces personalised, for example with your name or surgery number.

Handpieces and motors:

The following handpieces and motors are available to add to your Total Care subscription. Please refer to the price table below for each individual monthly cost.

BA755L/BA758L - premium range fibre-optic turbine, available fittings NSK®, W&H®, Sirona®, KaVo® and Bien-Air®. 

BA525(L)/BA528(L) - entry-level turbines, with or without fibre-optics, available fittings NSK®, W&H®, KaVo® and Bien-Air®. 

BA200LTS - premium speed-increasing contra-angle, 1:5 ratio.

BA40LSS - premium 1:1 direct ratio contra-angle. 

BA60LSS - premium speed-decreasing contra-angle, 6:1 ratio. 

BA270S - premium straight handpiece without fibre-optics.

BA40E - General 1:1 contra-angle, no spray and no light.

BA60E - Speed-decreasing 4:1 contra-angle, no spray and no light.

BA170E - Straight handpiece, no spray and no light.

BA604 - air motor, Midwest fitting with external spray.

EM420 - electric 'plug and play' micromotor.

BA DAC Total Care

Additonally, we offer a Total Care package for the BA DAC autoclave system. Please call our offices on 01604 777700 for more information on the DAC Total Care.


BA755L/BA758L £16.06*
BA525L/BA528L £12.76*
BA525/BA528 £11.05*
BA200LTS £17.94*
BA40LSS £12.34*
BA60LSS £17.86*
BA270S £10.86*
BA40E £6.44*
BA60E £6.44*
BA170E £6.63*
BA604 £6.91*
EM420 £23.49*

*Accidental damage and evidenced lack of care and maintenance not included. Monthly figures are calculated on 36-month Hire Purchase contract calculated at 1.45% APR excl. VAT. Any finance offered is subject to status and full credit approval. Our finance provider partners will carry out all relevant and necessary searches to enable them to reach a decision. By providing the information requested by B.A. International or Henry Schein Financial Services, you give your consent for these searches to be carried out. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority only in respect of agreements regulated by the consumer credit act 1974. Minimum monthly spent for Total Care Handpieces including ‘Maintenance Pack’ is £40+VAT.