EM420 Micromotor and speed increasing contra-angles

With infection control being a popular topic in the current situation, many practices are considering how to reduce aerosol splatter in the surgery and therefore reduce risk of virus particle transmission.

While surgical masks prevent mucous membranes from droplets, they can not completely protect from inhaling airborne infectious agents. Currently it is unclear the impact of close proximity transmission of SARS-CoV-2, though airborne transmission over longer distances is unlikely.

You may therefore be considering switching to an electric contra-angle. These generate fewer aerosols and also generally benefit from internal anti-retraction systems.

At B.A., we offer a simple solution to starting a set-up with electric contra-angles, should you lack an inbuilt chair motor. The Ultimate EM420 is a cost efficient, plug and play electric micromotor that connects directly to your chair's existing air supply.

In addition, we offer a range of different electric contra-angles, including red band speed increasers which make a perfect upgrade to a high speed turbine.
Apart from being a safer, more hygienic option, these contra-angles feature various other benefits:

-Higher efficiency at cutting various materials
- Consistent torque that does not change with higher or lower loads
- Quieter operating noise - more comfortable for patients
- Smaller head sizes improve visibility of the treatment area

We are currently offering the Ultimate EM420 motor in combination with one red band contra-angle, either the premium BA200LTS or the Ultimate BA250LT. Click the banners below to find out the available bundles or more information on the handpieces.

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