Star Turbines

Star Turbines

B.A. International offer a selection of high speed turbines of the StarDental® brand. These high power dental handpieces are strong and durable and boast ergonomic design with a stylish finish. Available with fibre-optics and up to 27W power. These StarDental® high-speeds are “LubeFree” – more specifically “maintenance free”: as the bearing cages contain a specialised lubricant inside the handpiece, which is gradually released onto the ball bearings during use, there is no longer any need for the clinicians to lubricate the handpieces regularly.

These are suitable for the StarDental® HiFlo® Star quick connect fibre-optic coupling, also available to purchase through our website.

Shop the highest standard of high speed Star Dental turbines and replacement turbines. Available with fibre-optics and up to 27W power. Enjoy up to 1 year warranty on these pieces.

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  1. Star Fibre-Optic Turbine

    Star Fibre-Optic Turbine

    Star 430 SWL fibre-optic turbine with solid glass technology.

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