Electric Micromotors

Electric Micromotors

B.A. International understands that versatility, portability, torque and speed can all be of equal importance when it comes to motors. Constant torque and a speed range of up to 40,000rpm make the dental electric micromotor an extremely versatile engine - perfect for all general and cosmetic dentistry requirements. Browse our selection of portable electric micromotors for your dental practice today.

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  1. EM420 Bundle

    EM420 Bundle

    Ultimate EM420 Micromotor bundle with either the Ultimate Power+ BA200LTS or Ultimate BA250LT red band contra-angles. View Product
  2. Ultimate EM420 Micromotor

    Ultimate EM420 Micromotor

    NEW Ultimate Micromotor EM420 - convert any dental chair to electric using our new plug-and-play micromotor. Easy to install and a very cost-effective solution for electric conversions. Ideal for speed-increasing contra-angles!

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  3. BA Portable Micromotor

    BA Portable Micromotor

    BA Portable Micromotor.

    Complete micromotor unit with controller and motor.

    1 year

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  4. BA Portable Micromotor (Motor only)

    BA Portable Micromotor (Motor only)

    Replacement motor with lead for BA Portable Micromotor.

    Motor to attach to your BA Portable Micromotor control unit.

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