Optima Implant Units

Optima Implant Units

B.A. International continuously strives to provide surgeries with the most suitable and easy to use implant unit solutions on the market. The Optima Surge OS500 economy oral surgery and implant unit is the simple ‘no fuss’ solution to all your surgical needs. Browse our selection of dental implant units today. 

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  1. OS600L + PS20L Bundle

    OS600L + PS20L Bundle

    Bundle Deal - 

    Optima OS600L implant unit with 1x PS20L surgical handpiece

    Unit: £1499

    Handpiece: RRP £939

    BUNDLE PRICE: £1899 - saving £539!

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  2. Optima OS600L Implant Unit

    Optima OS600L Implant Unit

    B.A. International's new OS600L implant and surgical unit. Enjoy increased accuracy during surgery with a real-time display of speed and torque values during operation on the LCD display.

    Handpiece not included - compatible handpieces available.

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  3. BA OptimaSurge, OS500

    BA OptimaSurge, OS500

    BA Optima Surge implant and surgical unit OS500 - includes 20:1 surgical handpiece OS20P.

    1 Year

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  4. BA Ultimate Treatment Centre,  BAC150E

    BA Ultimate Treatment Centre, BAC150E

    BA Ultimate Treatment centre: complete replacement scaler handpiece and accessory kit for EMS® compatible scalers, most Woodpecker® scalers (check fitting on handpiece) and BAC100 scalers.

    1 Year

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  5. Ultimate BA280L

    Ultimate BA280L

    NEW Ultimate BA280L - mid range straight handpiece with fibre-optics and internal water.

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  6. Optima BA25E

    Optima BA25E

    NEW Optima BA25E - 1:1 latch type contra-angle.

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  7. Optima BAC200SL

    Optima BAC200SL

    NEW Optima BAC200SL

    Satelec type ultrasonic scaling unit with independent water supply.

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  8. Optima BAC200S

    Optima BAC200S

    NEW Optima BAC200S

    Satelec type ultrasonic scaling unit with independent water supply.

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  9. BA602S, Air motor, Internal spray, Borden, 1yr

    Optima BA602ES

    NEW Optima range

    BA602ES air motor for 2-hole Borden connections, internal spray

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  10. Optima BA604ES

    Optima BA604ES

    NEW Optima range

    BA604ES - air motor with 4-hole Midwest fitting, internal spray

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  11. Accessories


    Accessories for your OS500 surgical unit.

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