Repair Service - How It Works

At B.A. International, we offer repair services for your handpieces and dental equipment. On this page, you can find out how to send your equipment in to us for repair and what happens next!

Handpiece repair service - B.A.'s "yellow bag"

Sending in your handpieces is easy - simply put them into one of our pre-paid (Royal Mail 1st class) yellow repair bags and pop them in the post. Not got any yellow bags? No problem! You can call our offices on 01604 777700 or request some yellow bags here - these are free for you.

We offer a free quotation - tick the relevant box on the back of the repair bag to ask for a quote, and once your handpiece has been assessed, you will receive a call from the technician who assessed your handpiece with a quote. You can then decide whether to go ahead or to request your handpiece to be returned to you.

Once repaired, B.A. will return them in protective, reusable & autoclavable B.A. steritubes to ensure your repaired handpieces return safe and sound.

Small equipment repairs - box collection service

B.A. can repair a huge array of small equipment devices such as amalgamators, ultrasonic bathscuring lights, endodontic units and so much more. 

If you have small equipment that you need repairing, we offer a 3-way box collection service:

Step 1 - call and request a box collection: We will send a pre-formed box with a courier to collect your device. Our custom made insured boxes using foam moulding technology protect your equipment during transit to ensure your small equipment arrives safely. 

Step 2 - Send your equipment to us for repair: You can pack your custom made box while the courier waits, or call us when it is ready to collect.

Step 3 - We send your item back to you: Once repaired, we will courier your repaired item back to you. Once you receive your items back safely, you can keep the custom box for the future thus saving you further possible costs. 

Alternatively, you can safely pack your equipment into your own box and we will send a courier out to collect it from you and return it once repaired.

Fancy a glimpse behind the scenes at our handpiece repair workshop? Watch this video below!

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